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Monday, December 6, 2021

Career Exploration

Career Kokua provides information essential for sound career decision making. The information in Career Kokua is organized to help you with the career exploration process. The Career Kokua system allows you to access the career information at any point and leads you to related information within the system and other resources on the World Wide Web.

Career Kokua is the only source of current Hawaii career information. The information in this channel consists of the following information files and modules:


Provides information on over 530 occupations which cover over 90% of all of the employment found in Hawaii. Each occupation profile includes an overview, work activities and tasks, skills and abilities, working conditions, physical demands, knowledge, interests, wages, current employment, outlook, helpful high school courses, preparation needed, licensing and certification requirements, cross references to related occupations, educational programs, career pathways, USDOE occupational areas, and additional sources of information. Links to Hawaii's Job Bank and career videos are also provided.


Provides information that can help you learn about 30 industries in Hawaii, the services and products they provide, the occupations they employ, the outlook for the industries, and other employment and career information.

Self Employment

Information about entrepreneurship and being self-employed including setting up a business, keeping records, and financial considerations.

Military Information

Basic information about employment in the military and information on 140 military occupational specialties.

Hawaii Career Pathways

There are six broad groupings of career specialties/occupations that have common skills and knowledge. Career Pathways provide a context for exploring career options at all levels of education and a framework for linking learning to the skills and knowledge needed for future success. The information in this module provides information about Hawaii's six career pathways and where they may lead.

USDOE Occupational Areas

There are 16 groupings of occupations and broad industries based on commonalities. Technological advances and global competition have transformed the nature of work. Because jobs now require more knowledge, better skills, and more flexible workers than ever before, workers must be prepared to change jobs and careers several times, continually updating their knowledge and skills. The cluster information can help you link what you are learning in school with the knowledge and skills you will need for success in college and careers.

Career of the Week

This module contains articles about interesting people in Hawaii and their jobs.

Career Exploration Links

Provides linkages to other sources on the World Wide Web with information that will help you with your career exploration. Scroll through the entire list or go directly to a specific section.

Floor And Carpet Layers
Floor and carpet layers install carpet, linoleum, and other floor coverings in homes or buildings.

Listed below are popular occupations here at Career Kokua.