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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Career Exploration Links

Note: Most of the assessment tools listed here are free unless otherwise noted. All links will open in a new window.

Career Exploration & Planning Web Sites

  • Ability Profiler

    This O*NET instrument is a career exploration tool that helps clients plan their work lives. Individuals can use O*NET Ability Profiler results to identify their strengths and areas for which they might want to receive more training and education and identify occupations that fit their strengths.

  • Campbell Interest and Skill Survey

    U.S. News Online has teamed up with NCS Assessments, a leading publisher of career assessments for nearly 30 years, and author David Campbell, Ph.D., an internationally recognized expert in the field of career exploration to provide the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS ) assessment.

    The assessment costs $17.95 plus tax (U.S. dollars). American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted.

  • Career Advisor

    Three written exercises used to help clients gain focus and create a vision or blueprint for their careers from CareerLab.

  • Career Clusters

    This web site provides information on the status of the research and development by the States' Career Clusters initiative sponsored by the US DOE's Office of Vocational and Adult Education.

  • Career Magazine

    A site with services and information for job seekers, employers, and the self-employed.

  • Career Planning Process Model

    A career planning model from Bowling Green State University's Career Services.

  • Career Tests

    Career Tests is one of the modules in Queendom, an internet magazine that provides an interactive avenue for self-exploration with a healthy dose of fun. Queendom develops their own professional quality interactive tests, giving readers the opportunity to look into their own personality, relationships, intelligence and health.

  • Career Zone

    CareerZone is New York's free, career exploration and planning system designed especially for middle and high school students. The CareerZone System uses the power of the Internet to make career exploration fun and simple. CareerZone provides information on 900 occupations from the O*NET Database. In addition to occupational information, CareerZone provides access to 300 career videos, two interactive career portfolios, links to state colleges and universities and up-to-date job postings.

  • Careerjournal

    From the Wall Street Journal. Recent articles related to career exploration, job search, and other help for career seekers.

  • Careers.Org, The Careers Organization

    Careers.Org offers a free and comprehensive career research and job-hunting site, organized by topic, that includes regional resources, expert job advice, career articles, and other career resources on the internet. Over 8,000 other web pages have links to Careers.Org.

  • Holland Self-Directed Search

    From Psychological Assessment Resources, the online Self-Directed Search (SDS) assessment costs $9.95.

  • Hoover's

    Hoover's, Inc. provides profiles of private and public companies around the world. It delivers comprehensive company, industry, and market intelligence that drives business growth.

  • HumanMetrics

    HumanMetrics provides Internet online testing in the field of human typology and relationships. Some of the tests are:

    • Jung Typology Test - Use this test to identify your personal type (Myers-Briggs typology)
    • Small Business Entrepreneur Profiler - If you are starting up or running a small business, this test will help you determine what kind of business activity is the most suitable for your business type.
    • Role Model Profiler - Use this test if you want help in choosing a role model whose traits are similar to yours.
  • Interest Quiz

    From, a web site with information on Canadian universities and colleges. The Interest Quiz is an online career and education tool that allows you to assess your interests and career opportunities.

  • JobHuntersBible

    This web site is designed as a supplement to the 2006 edition of What Color Is Your Parachute? A Practical Manual for Job-Hunters and Career-Changers, published by and available from Ten Speed Press. It is recommended that one uses the web site along with the book.

  • Learning Style Inventory

    The Learning Style Inventory (LSI3.1) is a statistically reliable and valid, 12-item assessment tool, developed by David A. Kolb, Ph.D. Based on Experiential Learning Theory, it identifies preferred learning styles, and explores the opportunities different styles present for:

    • Problem Solving
    • Working in Teams
    • Resolving Conflict
    • Communicating at Work
    • Communicating at Home
    • Considering a Career

    The on-line LSI can be taken for $15. Counselors can also sign up for a group account for 5 or more people. With this method counselors can have access to participants' results.

  • MAPP - Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential

    MAPP provides an online assessment that seeks to guide, motivate and empower people to achieve their greatest educational and career potential. Costs range from $19.95 to $129.95 depending on the package you want.

  • Mapping Your Future

    A public service providing information on college planning, career options, and financial strategies. Students and their families will find information and services to make higher education and career dreams a reality. School financial aid officers, high school counselors, and lenders will also find valuable information and services here. This site is sponsored by a group of guaranty agencies who participate in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) and are committed to providing information about higher education and career opportunities.


    A web site where employers can post jobs, search resumes, and screen candidates. Job seekers can search hundreds of thousands of jobs and post a resume.

  • Multiple Intelligences Inventory

    This is not a test - it is a snapshot in time of an individual's perceived Multiple Intelligences preferences. This survey may be printed, used and/or modified by educators as long as the copyright tag remains intact. Provided by Surfaquarium, a portal for online educators.

  • MyFuture

    Career and life planning for high school students

  • O*NET Skills Search

    The Skills Search is designed to help users use their skill set to find matching O*NET-SOC occupations.

  • Temperament Sorter II Personality Instrument

    The Temperament Sorter II is a personality assessment tool available online. Created to help people gain new understanding of their traits, motivations, and behaviors, the Temperament Sorter analyzes one particular aspect of personality: temperament. It is based on Dr. Keirsey's study of people and the study of psychology, including the works of Jung, Myers, Kretschmer, Spranger, Fromm, Haley, Bateson, etc. Please note that registration is required.

  • The Career Key

    In 1997 the Career Key was launched on the Internet as a free public service primarily for middle and high school students. The Career Key website offers a professional counseling test or inventory free to the public. It is taken and scored on the Internet and the results are linked to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

  • The Princeton Review Career Quiz

    The Princeton Review Career Quiz asks easy stuff about you and then analyzes your answers to determine your most likely interests and work style. This information will help guide you to careers that would likely suit you. This summary quiz is designed only to give you a taste of the full tool, which constructs a much deeper and more accurate individual profile.

  • The Testing Room

    A web site that provides assessments for self-discovery and understanding. Some assessments are free and some may require a report fee of about $14.95.

  • TypeFocus Personality Type Profile

    Provides a Myers-Briggs personality type assessment relating to career choice.

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Medical coders and billers assign codes to illnesses, injuries, and medical procedures based on doctor's and nurse's notes. They enter these codes on insurance forms.

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