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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Industry Index

Career Kokua's Industries file will help you learn about 30 industries in the State of Hawaii, the services and products they provide, the occupations they employ, their outlook, current employment information, and employers. The Industries file provides yet another option for the exploration of careers and for job searches. Read More...

Consider the following when using the Career Kokua Industries information for career decision making or for job searches.

  • Employment Size - Larger industries tend to have more job openings due to replacement needs as well as growth.
  • Wages - Some industries have higher average wages than others. Employees covered by a union contract often have higher wages than those not covered by a contract.
  • Occupations - The different types of occupations found within each industry vary greatly. Some occupations, such as clerical occupations, are found in many industries while others, such as Construction occupations, are found only in a few industries. More opportunities often exist for occupations found in a variety of industries.
  • Outlook - Some industries are expected to have little change in employment, some very little growth, and others a lot of growth during the next few years. Many factors affect how an industry will grow. Keep informed of the current economic conditions, the level of government funding, and other events that can affect an industry and its jobs in Hawaii.
  • Examinations - In some industries, such as Government, applicants for many positions must take an examination. Persons are hired from a list of eligibles who are ranked by their test scores. If you are interested in these types of positions, you should check the types of jobs available and whether you qualify.
  • Employee Benefits - The kinds of benefits given to employees can vary greatly by industry, salary, and employer. Health insurance and retirement benefits are two types of benefits commonly provided. Some employers cover the whole premium for medical insurance coverage but many contribute partially. Some industries may often offer special benefits such as discounts on travel or merchandise. Keep in mind the benefits offered when thinking about the salary you are willing to accept. A Benefits Checklist of the many different benefits that may be available is provided to help you compare the benefits desired with those offered in your job search.
  • Employers - The Employer section of each industry profile provides a list of the Telephone Book Yellow Pages headings that can lead to employers in Hawaii.