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Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Self-Employment provides information about entrepreneurship and being self-employed including setting up your own business, keeping records, and financial considerations.

Is Self-Employment Right for You?

Describes essential qualities for self-employment and the rewards and costs of working for yourself.

Entrepreneurial Career Assessment Form

An assessment that can provide insight into the differences between being self-employed and working for an employer. After completing the 20 items, you will receive a score indicating your suitability for self-employment.

Self-Employment Opportunities

Looks at the types of self-employment opportunities available and lists Career Kokua occupations in which at least ten percent are self-employed.

Deciding to Go Into Business for Yourself

Information on starting your own business, brainstorming business ideas, buying a business or franchise, forms of business ownership, creating a business plan, financial needs, selecting a name, location, and facility, organization and recordkeeping, employees and employment law, and how to develop a marketing strategy.


Lists resources for starting your own business, business plans, finances, franchises, home-based businesses, marketing, and where to go for assistance.

Community Health Workers
Community health workers provide basic medical care to the public.

Listed below are popular occupations here at Career Kokua.