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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Job Success

What does job success mean to you? Being good at what you do? Regularly learning new skills? Building your career as you move on to new job opportunities? In fact, all of these can lead to job and career success.

Doing a good job is what is expected. There are other important ways you can set yourself apart and aim for long-term job and career success.

Below are links to information that can help lead you to job success.

Good Work Habits

Good work habits are the foundation of job success.

Know Who Is On Your Team

Build relationships with the people you work with. Understand where you can find support in the workplace.

Keep Learning

Update your skills and learn more about your employer and industry.

Overcoming Barriers

Find out how you can overcome barriers on the job. Learn about required accommodations.

Resolving Problems

You have options when there are problems in the workplace. Find out where you can get help.

Manage Your Career

Learn how to make the most of your current job and plan for the next one.

Leaving a Job

Whether you lose your job or leave by choice, there are strategies for making a graceful exit from a job.

Nuclear Engineers
Nuclear engineers design and operate nuclear power plants. They also conduct research on nuclear energy.

Listed below are popular occupations here at Career Kokua.