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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

For Coordinators

Coordinator resources provide tools and sources of information to assist in career development and planning. The Activities Handbook, Community Resources Directory, and a link to the National Career Development Guidelines can be found here.

Coordinator Notebook

The Coordinator Notebook is a guide for the Site Coordinator to implementation techniques, ideas, system information, and references for use in serving users and for in-servicing others at their sites. It is also used as Career Kokua's Initial Training Packet. The Notebook is divided in the following major sections: 1) Introduction and Instructions, 2) Access Strategies, 3) Information Files, and 4) Site Coordination or you can download the entire packet.

Activities Handbook

The Activities Handbook is a curriculum guide for Site Coordinators to activities, lesson plans, and worksheets for use with the various Career Kokua delivery modes. The activities in the Handbook were developed by Career Information Systems and Career Kokua staff, site coordinators, and users. Reproductive rights are granted for all activities in the Career Kokua Activities Handbook.

The activities are grouped by the three domains of the National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) which are Personal Social Development (PS), Educational Achievement and Lifelong Learning (ED) and Career Management (CM). The NCDG is a framework for thinking about the knowledge and skills young people and adults need to manage their careers effectively, from decisions about school to that first job and beyond.

To support the framework, the Career Kokua provides career development activities and resources for youth and adults that are linked to the NCDG goals, stages, and indicators. One additional section contains activities adapted from the Waipahu Community School Career Counseling Program for Adults.

Community Resources Directory

The Career Kokua Community Resources Directory lists businesses, agencies, and organizations that provide first-hand career information and services. The program promotes career exploration and development through a partnership of schools, government, businesses, professional organizations, and agencies. The Directory lists career exploration activities and services offered by the businesses and organizations that provide first-hand career information and experiences to students and adults such as

  • Career shadowing experiences
  • Tours and field trips
  • Speakers and participation in career fairs and other career activities
  • Resource materials
  • Advisors for career clubs
  • Interviews with employees and employers
  • Workplace mentors
  • Career information and technical assistance for teachers and counselors
  • Work-study, internships, opportunities for volunteer work experiences or part-time employment
  • Scholarships

National Career Development Guidelines

The National Career Development Guidelines (NCDG) are a framework for building and evaluating comprehensive career development programs for youth and adults in a variety of settings.

Educators, counselors, career development professionals, or administrators can create high quality career development programs for youth and adults in a variety of settings that:

  • Help students acquire skills they’ll need to transition successfully to postsecondary training or a job after high school;
  • Help students achieve more by linking classroom study to future choices; and
  • Help adults acquire new skills and move through career transitions.

Career Kokua provides a link to the National Career Development Association (NCDA) web site which describes the NCDG framework and shows how teachers, parents, counselors, administrators and career development professionals can use the framework to help youth and adults acquire key personal, education and career management skills.

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