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Tuesday, November 24, 2020
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Parent Involvement Guide

Help your children do well in school, make the most of their talents and interests, and get the education and skills they need for college and work.

Parent Involvement Guide

a familyThe information in this Parent Involvement Guide is being provided to parents who want to help their children with career development. The information is grouped under five topic areas:

All resources in this Parent Involvement Guide support No Child Left Behind (NCLB), the education reform legislation signed into law by President Bush in 2002.

Starting Young

Help young children learn, develop skills, and see the connections between school and adult life.

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School Success

Find out what you can do to help your children succeed at school.

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Career Exploration

Work with your children to translate their natural talents and interests into possible careers.

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Beyond High School

Help older children prepare for additional education or training after high school that leads to an interesting, well-paying career.

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Children with Special Needs

You can make sure your children with special needs get the quality education to which they are entitled by law.

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Court Clerks
Court clerks process legal records and perform other duties for a court of law.

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